What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal, voluntary process in which a mediator, trained in facilitation and negotiation techniques, assists all parties to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion. What distinguishes mediation from other forms of dispute resolution, principally litigation in court and arbitration, is that the mediator does not impose a solution but rather assists the parties to create their own understanding. Mediated agreements, especially in situations involving families and divorce, often include unique solutions tailored to specific situations that are not available in arbitration or litigation through the court system.      

The actual process of mediation is flexible and creative varying with the needs of the parties involved and the methods used by the mediator.  While the parties may meet face to face to discuss the issues involved, it is also possible that private caucus, physically separated from the other party, can be useful in reaching a compromise.  Private caucus in mediation can be used to send messages, clarify a position, ask questions and tender proposals, offers and counter offers to either party.  Mediation is non-binding unless both parties agree to a settlement.


Andrea was fantastic to work with!  She Listened to both parties and remained neutral.  Her documents were just what both parties needed!  We were able to submit the paperwork to the judge without any problems.  Mostly, we were able to come to an amicable agreement with her help.  Highly recommend her services!  ~A. Brown

Andrea was the mediator during one of the most difficult things I have gone through ( my divorce ). She was very professional and assisted with all the questions and concerns I had. Without the assistance of Andrea I know the process would have been long and drawn out and much more difficult than it was. I would highly recommend her to anyone. ~B. Donivan

I had a dispute with my salon landlord. Andrea helped me draft a letter for settlement. She was awesome. She reviewed all my information and calmed my nerves. She helped me understand what the legal process would look like with my situation. She even helped me with negotiations afterwards. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. What would cost me $750-$3k with a lawyer, cost me a under $200. ~J. Harms

Andrea was thorough and expedient in preparing, serving, and filing my needed documents. Her costs were more than fair and she was very easy to communicate with. Very happy with my experience and would hire her again if ever needed! ~M. Hansen


How long does it take to get divorced?  Typically 90 days if a stipulated petition is filed or a settlement is reached.

How much does it cost to file for divorce?  $318

Do we have to take the Divorce and Parenting Education classes?  Yes.  A judge will not sign a decree of divorce until the classes are completed.

Will we have to go to court?  It's likely you will not have to ever go to court if a settlement is reached.